Now, without a doubt, I will be in a position to make sure he understands which i love him

Now, without a doubt, I will be in a position to make sure he understands which i love him

So you’re able to Fuutarou, the audience is just. their pupils. This is why, We have , and with the top grades out from the four of us, not less. To ensure that I am able to happily graduate out of getting Fuutarou’s student.

Miku Nakano ( ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? , Nakano Miku ? ) is the third sis of the Nakano Quintuplets, plus one of main letters of one’s 5-toubun no Hanayome series. She’s a bashful identity.


Miku was an enthusiastic emotionless searching girl that have average-length brown tresses who’s got strands out-of hair hanging along the right-side out-of their deal with . Their notable accessory are a set of cordless earphones that have a beneficial triangle-molded symbolization towards ear glasses (Audio-Technica) [6] . For example the girl siblings, she’s got deep blue attention, the common level, a highly-endowed profile and enormous bust.

Miku constantly wears a long-sleeved jacket that covers their uniform. She and additionally wears black tights and throws for her headphones to her neck. More often than not, this lady has element of the girl fucks defense the lady proper eye. She wears a beneficial ranzel. [7] [8]


Miku are a hushed and you will reserved girl who’s a pessimistic thought processes and reasonable trust, actually to the point of belittling herself. [9] Fuutarou Uesugi notes one to she does not have any believe inside herself. [10] Inside the in comparison to this lady booked care about, she will be able to talk during the an easy styles and you may cannot hesitate to confront anyone else. [11] She can even be as well as some possessive, just like the she adultspace does not work really when Yotsuba kisses Fuutarou on the cheek to scrub some lotion, and you will complete she becomes pouty assuming some other lady, especially among this lady siblings, becomes a tad too intimate having morale which have Fuutarou.

It is shown you to definitely she’s an obsession with generals on Sengoku Several months. [12]  She is significantly influenced by the philosophies, to the level from affecting the lady genuine-lives conclusion. [13] She covers this particular fact out of the lady everyone that is embarrassed when Fuutarou found out. [14] When Fuutarou confronted the lady to help you an effective duel out-of historical training, she donned a collection of armor exactly like Takeda Shingen’s. [15]

Even with their a little bad outlook on life, particularly whenever she asks Fuutarou to stop on her [16] , this woman is the first sis so you can abide by brand new Gotoubun Idea. Miku always reminds herself to follow it concept, heading as much as diminishing her own desire to ensure everyone is managed equally. [17] Miku is even a really form people: she will get the next Nakano quintuplet immediately following Yotsuba to just accept Fuutarou, and also the very first you to definitely openly be seduced by your. The girl interactions which have your immediately following the woman first reputation arch provides her sometimes becoming wholeheartedly supporting from him, gentle which have your, or worried to possess him. She’s together with seen helping a classic woman mix the road in the one chapter.

Miku keeps a depressed sense of modesty and you may cares little from the her appearance compared to her siblings; not taking times when the woman body is established. She don’t attention deleting her much time clothes in front of her teacher otherwise irritate wearing showy gowns. Not surprisingly, she seems to harbor insecurities in the her own looks, because the she confides so you’re able to Nino one she doesn’t view by herself because the lovable compared to the the woman and you will ichika.

Predicated on Fuutarou, for every single Nakano Quintuplet features their features about their sheet sets. [18] Within the Miku’s circumstances, this lady has a beneficial handwriting.


This is exactly regarding somebody I am aware. She wished to declare the lady thinking, however, she wouldn’t once the she didn’t have brand new confidence. it appears. Because if she were to declare, one thing wouldn’t be in a position to come back to the way they had been ahead of. That is the kind of courage it will require so you’re able to acknowledge. [in order to herself] And also to genuinely believe that you’ll find members of the world that have that kind of courage. As to the reasons in the morning I such as for example an excellent coward?

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